O nama

Services of travel agents include everything necessary for a good feeling, whether you come here on holiday or business.
Tourist guides with whom we work will provide you with safe and convenient service to show a variety of cultural, historical and natural attractions of Istria.

We offer apartments in Istria you can certainly find a selection that will meet your tastes and meet your expectations.
Catering establishments that we recommend in Istria are indigenous culinary world offering everything from local specialties, to the world of culinary delights.

For lovers of the sea, we offer a list of the best yacht charters and diving centers in the region, which will satisfy you with their offers.

Istria is certainly a very eventful, whether it comes to entertainment, cultural or sporting events.
For any of these events on our website you will find the proper instructions on how to get it and how to spend.
For our advertisers you will find detailed descriptions of events and how to register (book) on the same.
As part of the fun events you will find a list of places where you can comfortably take a rest, whether it is a café bars, discotheques or places that will offer you a pleasant and relaxing feeling.
Cultural and sports events are advertised on the way to inform about the date or event on the service being offered as part of sports, cultural or entertainment events. We believe that we are on the way to cover all the necessary Infrastructure for your exciting vacation.

Istrian products are another story, whether it comes to delicious, wine, olive oil, ham, truffles and everything we can to satisfy your sense of taste and sight, and many of these things is very nice to have in your hands and enjoy the way you suits.

You must know that all of these indigenous Istrian products have a tradition of farming and production that spans the ancient centuries, so you’ll certainly enjoy the things they sampled ancient Romans and many before them.
Do not forget, some of the products belonging to the family of the world’s best products in its class and as such are branded.
As for the handicrafts made of valuable hands Istrian people, you’ll find that these are not just artifacts but a real artwork that merged the attention of the appearance and functionality.

Welcome to Istria!



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